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Our expert staff consists of highly trained landscaping professionals with knowledge in every aspect of the landscape industry. Berry’s Lawn and Landscaping is a Professional Landscaping company committed to delivering consistent, exceptional service regardless of your budget or size of the job. We handle everything from weekly lawn care to regular maintenance for larger outdoor spaces.

Landscape grading is leveling and smoothing of the property land to prepare the site for specific construction purpose, whether it’s a simple as grass and plants, or hardscaping like a driveway, patio, path or stairs.

Land Grading is also used to slope down the land so water flows away or diverted away from the house or the building to avoid future damage to the foundation of the house and to prevent land erosion by spreading out the excess water across the property. If the water pools or collected in certain areas of the lawn, the plants and grass can become saturated with or full of water, which kills off the landscaping over the long term period.



(336) 447-9273

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